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Online Music Lessons for Adults

Ursula Miethe Flores, online cello teacher with Your Space Music Lessons
A group of adults performing in an online music concert together at Your Space Music Lessons

Be Inspired

We have so many adult pupils who come to us and say 'I used to play as a child and I really wanted to play again' but they have found that life, family and work has prevented them pursuing it.  With Your Space Music Lessons we have recognised that accessible professional online music tuition, without travelling, is a very helpful way of turning your dream of into a reality.  We offer a personal one-to-one approach (as if you were in the same room as your teacher) delivering lessons through live broadband video calls.  We believe in one to one tuition rather than any pre-recorded videos clips because personal human interaction will deal with bad habits, help you conquer difficulties in multiple ways and develop your personal playing technique.  We also bring motivation and enthusiasm in bucket loads from inspiring teachers.

Have Courage

Deciding to take a music lessons with Your Space Music Lessons is a big decision, but you can find out a bit more and discuss your goals by booking a free taster lesson with one of our teachers.  We then offer 3 lessons for £40.50 as part of an introductory package to get you started.

Though you may wonder how effective online lessons are, be assured that our pupils have successfully passed ABRSM music examinations, and this is effectively our benchmark for quality tuition.  We support our teachers with regular training and meetings to maintain our key objective to provide quality online music tuition.

Man having an online guitar lesson with Your Space Music Lessons
Man having an online piano lesson with Your Space Music Lessons

Be Determined

Learning an instrument requires determination and regular practise to do it right.  You are learning only for yourself to build confidence in playing your instrument, and we will be there with you all the way. 

Why not arrange a taster lesson?

We want new pupils to feel happy with their choice to take lesson with us.

Taster lessons are free and last 20 minutes to allow prospective pupils to meet a teacher, ask questions, discuss music books and get used to the online format.  If you wish to continue introductory packages start at £43.50 for 3 x 30 minute lessons.  Click below to leave your details and we'll be in touch.