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Ben Singer - Online Guitar & Piano Teacher

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 Friendly and inspiring diploma level musician who enjoys teaching to meet the aims of every student as an individual'

Discipline:  Guitar and Piano

Qualifications:BA (Hons) DipABRSM (Music Teaching) CELTA (English Language)

About Ben

Ben Singer has been inspiring students to learn music for about 20 years and counting. With a background in music and theatre, he now teaches piano, guitar and music theory full time, to students at home. With a strong foundation in the classical guitar and piano, taking both instruments up to grade 8, his experience playing in bands, now informs his lessons as well. At the preference and request of his students, he frequently includes aspects of jazz, blues, rock, folk and country styles in his lessons, along with related playing techniques. He also offers classical repertoire and playing technique for those students who find an interest this. All this means that if students do choose to work towards an exam at any point, they have the opportunity to do so in a range of stylistic disciplines, depending completely on their own needs and desires.

Ben Singer online piano teacher in front of a stained glass window
Online guitar teacher Ben Singer playing the classical guitar

Many students do not feel the need to take an exam at all and just enjoy learning as they are. We may find ourselves utilising classical notation, guitar TAB, chord charts, lead sheets, a combination of these or whatever means works for the lesson, to help to absorb and retain understanding of the material. Ben is very open to students’ hopes and aims and will always strive to make every lesson specific in this regard. However, he says the most interesting part of teaching different students is looking for just the right choice of music that they are going to enjoy and that will move them up to the next stage in their musical journey.

In addition to teaching music, Ben is also a qualified English Language teacher for students whose first language is not English. Although this is not offered as a specific discipline, his professional experience of teaching English Language does come in handy for his music lessons as well, making him the ideal choice for a student who is learning guitar or piano using English as their second language. Ben would love to meet you today to find out what he can do to get your lessons moving!

Ben Singer playing the piano

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Reviews of Ben

Ben is a wonderful encouraging teacher, he's very clear and helpful.  Maddi, adult guitar student

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