Alison McAusland - Online Saxophone and Clarinet Teacher

'An Inspiring and Supportive Teacher for All Ages'

Discipline:  Clarinet, Saxophones (All types)

Qualifications: PG/Cert in Music from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.


Alison McAusland is a saxophone and clarinet teacher specialising in beginner to intermediate players of all ages. Alison played principal clarinet in the Midlands Youth Orchestra and saxophone in the Staffordshire Youth Jazz Orchestra, and has since gone on to play in a wide range of semi-professional big bands, small jazz ensembles and pit orchestras for musical theatre. In her words, nothing moves you like playing a concerto with a full orchestra, or the thrill of improvising in front of a crowd. After graduating from the University of Durham with a First Class degree in History and Music, Alison achieved her PGCE teaching qualification at the University of Cambridge. During her time as a teacher in schools, achieving excellent results with her students, Alison also wrote articles for national journals on the impact of music in education and worked with several young people's ensembles. Alison has moved career to fully focus on her main passion and is now a full-time music tutor, teaching clarinet and saxophone through Your Space Music and her home studio in Tamworth.

Alison is driven by seeing her students succeed and by improving access to music for beginners of all ages. Your Space is the perfect venue for people to learn an instrument with an inspiring teacher through the medium of online lessons. To help with her goal of improving access to music, Alison is also an ambassador for the Nuvo Instrumental company. They produce high quality, lighter weight, lower cost instruments for people who are not yet certain they want to commit to the full expense of buying an instrument. Their jSAX and Clarineo are also an excellent starting point for young players who would find the size or weight of the clarinet or sax too much to handle.

They are easily available online, for example through Norman's Music, one of Your Space's partners. Alison will be an inspiring and supportive teacher and you will see rapid results. Whether you are a complete beginner with your first instrument or a more experienced player; whether you love jazz, funk or classical; whether you are playing just for the love of music or to advance through grades, Alison will be able to provide what you need.

Taster lessons are free and last 20 minutes, then if you wish to continue introductory packages start at £37.50 for 3 x 30 minute lessons.  Click below to leave your details and we'll be in touch.