And All That Jazz

Do you like listening to jazz, but have never tried playing? Or do you think that classical musicians can't play jazz, but would like to give it a go? Or maybeyou don't know what jazz is,, but are intrigued to find out more? Then this is the perfect event for you! All levels and instruments are welcome - the only things you need are a curious mind and desire to learn something new!

The Jazz Club will be held on the 22nd of May 2021 at 12pm for Juniors and 6pm for adults. Choose your favourite jazz piece or play the easy jazz piece that will be made available numerous weeks before the event. During the event we will all have a look at the given piece and how to do some basic improv.  Satchmo by Kenny Baker will be played to get us in the groove and inspire our inner jazz player!

For some inspiration have a listen to: