Beautiful Sounds of Isolation

This is Beautiful Sounds of Isolation - music to reflect our time.

Our teaching Director Olwen Macleod lives in the Outer Hebrides and those who are taught by her may have seen out of her studio window onto the sea, which sometimes comes through her window when there is a stormy high tide. Near where she lives is the island of Staffa, and Fingal’s Cave. No-one lives on this Island and it is often difficult to land a boat there. But many years ago composer Felix Mendelssohn visited the uninhabited island and wrote the famous Hebrides Overture describing Fingal’s Cave and his experience. Listen to the whole Fingal’s cave overture, shut your eyes and imagine you are there. Mendelssohn paints all the pictures of the powerful lashing waves in his beautiful music. Be transported there and listen to the birds, the smell of the seaweed and the salt water. 

Now inspired by isolation here are some works produced to reflect the theme:


Tree by Jess Harris

Your Space Music Lessons · Tree - Jess Harris


A New Beginning by Ailsa MacKinnon


Isolation by Alex Chisholm Loxley


Lockdown Levels by Abigail Steele