Book a Lesson

Hello <insert pupil salutation>

Welcome to Your Space Music Lessons.

You are now a pupil of <insert teachers name> and your regular lesson time is <insert weekly lesson time>.

You need to book each lesson on the calendar which you will be directed to shortly but before you do that you need to buy some lesson tokens. For maximum discount you can buy eight lessons at a time. Once these are purchased please go to the Calendar and book your lessons using all the tokens.

PLEASE ONLY BOOK YOUR WEEKLY LESSONS FOR <insert weekly lesson time>

If you wish to change the day or time of your lesson slot please talk to your teacher and they will let you know which other slots are available. Lessons booked outside your weekly slot without reference to the teacher may not be honoured. We say this as much to protect your own lesson time as well as protecting the schedules of other pupils.

When you have booked your lessons you can come out of the website.


What's next?

1. You will receive an email reminder shortly before your first scheduled lesson.
Please be at your computer making sure it is switched on and Skype is working with camera, microphone and speakers.

2. <insert teacher name> will connect with you and you just accept the call.

3. Your first lesson will begin.

4. Your teacher will ask you to order music which you can do from our internet shop.

Enjoy your music lessons - and thank you for choosing to have your lessons with us.

Owen Macleod
Your Space Music Lessons