A brilliant way to learn from anywhere!

My name is Risa, I'm 17 and I play the trumpet and piano. As part of my work experience I have been invited to join the team to get an insight on what they do. I first started learning the trumpet online when I was 13. I had just moved schools and was no longer able to have face to face lessons the way I used to. I loved playing the trumpet and couldn’t bear the thought of giving it up so we looked for an alternative that would fit in with my busy life. At first, I was unsure of how online lessons would work, but it quickly became like second nature. My teacher can demonstrate exactly what I need to do as if he were in the room and even though in the early days we sometimes had some wifi issues things have really improved over the years.

Learning the trumpet online as an advanced student has been really fun and also very rewarding as I have been able to continue my growth as a musician throughout the whole of lockdown. I’m just preparing to take my Grade 8 exam – slightly later than I’d hoped, but I’m definitely feeling ready. My teacher has helped me develop more skills as a jazz trumpet player, which is very important for me as I play lead trumpet for NYJO Jazz Ensemble. On top of this I have really built my confidence when improvising and playing in my higher register! I love the fact that I don’t have to spend time travelling to and from lessons - I can use the time to practise or do some school work instead. This is especially useful now I am in the Sixth form - as an international baccalaureate student I have to take 6 subjects. Although I am not studying music at school it remains a big part of my life and I am doing Maths, Physics and Art projects which all have links to music!

Your Space Music Lessons offers loads of opportunities, such as the performance clubs and theory lessons. Look out for the up coming events and composition competitions!! I have found the performance clubs so fun and really useful, you get to see what other students have been learning and doing. It is really inspiring to hear everyone play.

The great thing is that I have been able to continue with the same trumpet teacher for the past 4 years and I have made brilliant progress from grade 3 to 8. When I go to uni, whether it’s in the uk or abroad, I will definitely continue to develop my musical skills with Your Space Music lessons!