Building and Retaining your Pupil Base

Pupil Management Guidance

As an online school we have seen many different situations which have disrupted the flow of online music lessons, and if you are having issues YSML are more than willing to talk to you and support you in achieving a positive outcome.  From experience we have learned that the following pointers can help to keep your pupils returning regularly for lessons:

  • A regular weekly day/time helps people to get into a routine of lessons which will promote a steady regular pupil.
  • Encouraging a regular teaching slot per pupil.
  • Building strong relationships with the pupil and their family, spending time to get to know them and you.
  • Keeping in good communication with your pupil or if the pupil is a child their parents or guardians.
  • Keeping well organised with your bookings and give at least two week’s notice if you intend to take any time off that will affect lessons.
  • Encourage goals such as exams, participation in music events in the pupil’s local area e.g. a performance opportunity in their local school, involvement in Your Space Music Lessons community projects, performance clubs, video performance week, composing competitions, theory and aural test courses
  • Keep YSML updated on booking changes and use YSML admin team as a resource to help organise your diary.
  • Going the extra mile e.g. near exam time to support your pupil.
  • Dealing with disorganised family life such as last minute reorganising of the lesson.  In certain situations you have to show that you are a human being and offer some flexibility (at your own discretion).  YSML can support and enforce the rules should problems continue to recur.

YSML strive to support you in all of these keys areas to help you build and maintain your pupil base.

Income Opportunities

YSML want to offer all the support we can to bring you new pupils and support your pupil base as you grow.  We will support you by dealing with admin issues, payment, booking and compliance issues and giving your pupils community opportunities to add value to your lessons.

New prices in September 2021 will mean that your potential income could look like this*:


per month

less YSML commission fee (excl Paypal fees)

1 pupil 5 pupils 10 pupils 20 pupils 30 pupils 40 pupils
42 x 30 min lesson Annual Subscription £49 £245 £490 £980 £1470 £1960


*based on only the 42 annual subscruption up to grade 6.