Building Rapport

Being Relaxed and Comfortable

  • Pupil needs to be looking comfortably sideways at the teacher.
  • What you can see of the pupil.
  • Taking the time to practise (guineapig!)with your own camera view and switching to other views.
  • On first connecting the teacher needs to put the pupil at ease, have a laugh, or talk about weather!
  • In online teaching getting these technical aspects just right is the equal partner to good inspiring teaching.


  • This is an intense learning space between you and the pupil.
  • The technology has got to allow you and the pupil to be fully engaged with one another and to build a relationship.
  • Sensing how a pupil is feeling / feedback from parents.
  • Good internet, good sound - turned to the right level on pupils side, good visual, bigger screen is better.
  • Pupil can feel distanced and lost in what they are doing.