Building Rapport

Prepare the ground

  • Taking the time to practise your own camera view and switching to other views - you can do this in the video settings.
  • Take the time on first meeting a pupil to make sure the camera view is correct and that you can see the pupil clearly and fully.
  • In the first meeting ask your pupil to play notes and check for buzzing or echoing and suggest adjustment of volume up or down and /or movement of computer or speakers if issues arise.  It might be neccesary for the pupil to buy an external microphone partcularly for intermediate and advanced pupils.
  • If the internet is poor from the outset please contact your Space team member who will assist your pupil and their family in troubleshooting
  • We suggest to pupils at the outset that the largest screen possible is best to use. 
  • In online teaching getting these technical aspects just right is the equal partner to good inspiring teaching.


  • On first connecting the teacher needs to put the pupil at ease, have a laugh or talk about weather.
  • Pupil needs to be looking comfortably at the teacher at eye level if possible, and sideways on if piano.
  • This is an intense learning space between you and the pupil so the technology has got to allow you and the pupil to be fully engaged with one another and to build a relationship.
  • Sensing how a pupil is feeling / feedback from parents is really important to ensure lessons are going well.
  • Pupil can feel distanced and lost in what they are doing during remote learning so it always important to get pupils to respond to cues.
  • Building good relationships is the key to long lasting pupils, who enjoy their lessons and feel motivated and inspired during your lessons.