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Communicating technique

The ethos of the Your Space Music Lesson family is to support and encourage great communication with your pupils for successful pupil progress and retention.  We have noticed a very clear and effective process during online lesson delivery: 

1.  Verbal Description

e.g. ‘prepare, observe and then execute... prepare the bow on the string, flat bow hair, bow parallel to the bridge, next observe what you are doing, does it look straight, is everything lined up and then try playing on the string... focus on making a big, round sound... listen to the resonation of the string... how does it feel?’

2. Demonstration

Making a point of demonstrating on the instrument a pupil is learning and play / sing one after the other

3. Camera View

Ensuring the camera view is clear and bold to help support your technique delivery or using shared screen facility to communicate using white board or toher software

Below are some camera views and video examples of how to communicate various objectives which may be helpful in your own teaching:

Camera view 1

Camera view 2

Shared screen

Wide and narrow camera angle

Embouchure example

Embouchure example 2

Imaginative descriptions

Arm Position

Navigating the instrument

Note Positions