Composer Masterclass for 'Your Space' Pupils

During 2015 we are delighted to be highlighting the highly popular work of UK composer, arranger and pianist Stephen J Wood and giving our pupils the chance to receive a masterclass from the composer himself. YSML pupils will be learning to play some of his pieces from his recently launched series ‘Contemporary Scottish Collection for Piano’ Books 1,2 and 3. Using the framework of well known and not so well known Scottish songs his compositions instill the essence of the Highlands and Islands with classical and jazz overtones.

Teaching Director Olwen MacLeod is thrilled with the opportunity,  'getting the right music for the right pupil is one of the main ingredients for successful music lessons.  Introducing our pupils to the music of Stephen J Wood has opened doors bringing light and fresh air (and the occasional gust of wind! - try ‘The Surge of the Sea’) to our pupils' musical journey.'

Dr Stephen J Wood from being a University Lecturer and Teacher now devotes his time to composition and private tuition.  He commented 'I'm very excited about working alongside YourSpace music teachers and students to introduce you to these beautiful Gaelic and Scottish melodies arranged for piano, and look forward to sharing them with you as you learn, play and perform them'.

We are delighted to say that Your Space Music Lessons pupils who are learning one of Stephen J Wood’s pieces will have the opportunity of an online one-to-one masterclass with him at the later stages of learning the piece! We look forward to working with Stephen in the coming year!