Composition Competition 2021: Perseverance

The recent Mars landing has been incredible to watch and has inspired us to launch a new composition competition - ‘Perseverance'

The ingenuity of the NASA team and the latest robotic technology involved will allow this rover mission to discover the hidden secrets of the red planet, which has already brought new images, videos and sounds to Earth for us. What else will they find, what will the atmosphere be like, will they find signs of life?

The theme of ‘Perseverance’ can be used in many ways for our composition competition. You could explore the 273 million mile journey of Perseverance from Earth to Mars, and describe in music, the very final stages of breaking through Mars’ atmosphere and the critical moments of landing the rover primed for exploration. Perhaps if you participated in our Moon Rabbit composition competition you can continue and develop your musical theme as you move to another planet? Or perhaps you would like to use the theme Perseverance to musically describe your experiences of living through a Pandemic and imagining the moment you experience social freedom again.

The way you represent the theme is entirely up to you, you can be as creative as you wish to let your imagination run wild in your music.

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