Connections Composition Competition 2021

Connections is our new theme to which we invite you write a piece of music about

In recent times we have thought about how we are connected with each other but this theme can be perceived in many ways.  You could consider connections in just a musical sense and look at the building blocks of music and how they fit together, correspond or connect in melody or keys etc.  In fact there is scope to take connections to many different places; it could be about travelling on road or track or by air, or about the contrast between disconnect and connect in our every day relationships at school, work or family.  During the pandemic one of the truly remarkable things about our online school was the unmistakable connection we felt with each other remotely, it was consistent and normal. Perhaps your connection with your teacher is the story you wish to tell in music?

For children 'Connections' is a great theme in music.  How do music notes connect with other notes?  How do you join them together to make a melody?  How can you make the notes you choose sound like a story, to tell all the listeners what is happening, where you are and what you are doing? You can use lots of expression ideas like louds and softs, and accented notes to help describe your story, and use pitch from lows notes to high notes and even chromatic notes to paint a picture. 

Where else would you see connections?  How about travelling or families or moving parts and electricity?!  There are so many connections that could be represented in music and now is you chance to put pen to paper and compose.

Be inspired:  Listen to the entries of our previous Composition Competition



Competition rules

To enter the competition you must compose a piece of music that relates to the theme of Connections.  With your piece of music you should write a short note telling us your name, the title of the piece, the category you wish to enter and any information you wish to tell us about the piece i.e. what it is about and what to listen out for, such as the key signature and time signature you have used.

Then you need to upload a recording of your piece as either a video or audio recording of the composition, together with your note.  If you would like to notate your composition and submit with your recording, please do so, but it is not essential.

There are 3 age categories

  • Junior Age 7 - 11
  • Teen 12 - 17
  • Adults

All entries should be in by 7th December 2021 where they will be showcased on the Your Space Music Lessons website..

All entries will be judged by the teaching team at Your Space Music Lessons and the winner from each category will have their piece professionally published in a book, win a £25 Amazon e-giftcard and receive a Certificate