Freya White - Online Flute and Saxophone Teacher

'A Friendly and Motivating Diploma Level Music Teacher'

Discipline:  Flute and Saxophone

Qualifications:  Diploma


Freya is a woodwind tutor that graduated from Leeds College of Music. She began learning the flute at the age of 8, and was later inspired to start learning the saxophone and clarinet.  

As a performer, Freya specialises in pit orchestra work, as she has been part of the orchestra for productions at Curve Theatre, Leicester, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield and The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds. She has also taken part in masterclasses with Katheryn Bryan, Philippe Geiss, Claude De Lange, Fiona Fulton and Anna Noakes.

As well as Your Space Music Lessons, Freya currently teaches woodwind lessons to all ages and abilities privately and in schools. She believes it's important to cater to each individual and their learning types and teaches with a variety of methods and activities to ensure everyone reaches their full potential.

Taster lessons are free and last 20 minutes, then if you wish to continue introductory packages start at £33 for 3 x 30 minute lessons.  Click below to leave your details and we'll be in touch.