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How to Plan an Internet Dinner Party

 For families dispersed across the globe

  • Make up identical packs of goods for each location- as per list
  • Agree date and time for eating dinner and post parcels to get there in good time
  • Synchronise watches
  • Start cooking so that each venues meal is ready to be served at same time
  • Set table in front of Webcam and then multi Skype your family
  • Sit round table as if it is one big family table eating the same food  
  • talk about the food and the wine !!

Make up identical packs for each location e.g:

  • Table cloth
  • Distinctive Napkins
  • Ridiculous Hats  & Silly Spectacles
  • Designer menu (job for grandchildren)
  • Bottle (s)  of wine
  • Smoked Salmon starter
  • VacPack Fillet Steak
  • Dessert
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Mints/Chocolates
  • Christmas Crackers or blowy things
  • Backdrop for wall facing webcam (eg beach, mountains)

It’s a hilarious way to get the family together !!   Good Luck!!!!