Introductory offer

your space music lessons introductory offer

We are proud to be the first UK Music School specialising in personal one-to-one online music lessons using Skype technology.  This online learning experience gives you flexibility and freedom to learn wherever you are, with high quality music teachers from the UK and around the world.

Try Skype music lessons with an introductory offer; a free informal introductory session + a further 3 lessons for £30.  To apply simply register on our website.  We will then contact you to arrange a free Skype session to discuss taking lessons with us; what music you like or would like to learn; the best camera positions to achieve the optimum tuition; and begin with a few relevant music skills to try.

During the session we will tell you how to book the welcome offer of 3 lessons for £30. If you would like to continue and book lessons you can pay for them online in your own time and schedule your lessons to fit around you. 


Follow these simple steps to book your lessons

  1. Visit

  2. Login with your username and password 

  3. Select the welcome lessons bundle

  4. Pay online with paypal 

  5. Schedule your lessons with your allocated teacher

  6. Be ready for your teacher at your lesson time