Meet Our Teachers

Olwen Macleod - Teaching Director / Piano

I was a music student at Ashley School of Music in Shropshire from the age of 6 until age 18 when I graduated to join their teaching team. In 1999 I moved to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland where I have taught piano in the community ever since. I teach from beginners through to Grade 8 and encourage my pupils to take part in the ABRSM piano examinations, which due to the hard work of the pupils has regularly yielded highly successful results. I have used music as a vehicle to build up community activity through concerts much valued by the pupils, their parents and their friends and neighbours. I established Your Space Music Lessons in 2013 and have been encouraged by the enthusiasm and success of pupils who have taken lessons over the internet. Community building has extended itself to online concerts with participants from the widest geographical locations. It is both exciting and rewarding to bring music teaching to people in this way, and I am encouraged to meet so many new people who really want to learn to play the piano.

Joanna Spinou - Piano

I am a holder of the Piano Diploma from Toniko Odeion, awarded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism with Honours and a Distinction. This Diploma is equivalent to Undergraduate studies in Music and the Teacher's Diploma. During my studies in Greece, I did not just learn how to play the piano. It was (and still is) compulsory for all pupils to learn Theory and Harmony of Music, World History of Music, Morphology of Bach's and Beethoven's Works, Solfège in all 5 modern clefs, Chamber Music with Violin and Flute and Piano Tutoring to Young Musicians.

Performing music is something amazing. The feeling while playing is something that cannot be expressed just with words. You need to experience it to understand. Music connects people... It makes them experience something together... Share a part of themselves. Each time you perform, something different happens. Different feelings, thoughts, even when you perform the same piece. That's... magic.I just want to show you a part of my world- the world of music.

Lorraine Wild - Piano

‘I work with a passion for the piano and my desire is to share that enthusiasm with my pupils. Teacher’s play an important part in the learning process, and from my point of view it is essential to adapt your pedagogy to your student. Structured sessions will enable the pupil to progress and at the same time fully enjoy the lessons. My teaching combines a friendly environment with professional advice which allows a comfortable atmosphere to be established while ensuring musical development’

Lorraine achieved a first class honours diploma in music at the Conservertoire of Dijon, France in 2008 and a degree in music in 2014 from the University of Paris. She is continuing her studies as a concert performer at Leeds University and her forthcoming performances include Schumann’s piano concerto.

Padruig Morrison - Piano / Accordion

I started playing the piano at the age of 8 on The Outer Hebrides with Olwen MacLeod as my teacher. During this time I played both Classical and Scottish Traditional music advancing through the grades and also winning gold awards at the Scottish National Mod competitions. At 16 I gained a scholarship to study at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh under Richard Beauchamp. I also play the pipe organ and the accordion. The accordion, I play with a group called ‘The Causeway Trio’ which has been on tour throughout Scotland. I am continuing my studies at Edinburgh University and am pleased to have joined up with Olwen as a teacher. I like to help pupils develop a creative palette of tools for music creation, encouraging broad musical interests and styles in order to become a richer musician. Much is to be gained from the skills of improvising, learning by ear and world music. I believe in encouraging classical, jazz and folk music both old and new to give pupils a diverse programme.  I teach piano and piano accordian.

Ali Turner - Bagpipes / Chanter

I have been playing and performing music for twelve years which has taken me throughout the UK and abroad. I have years of experience playing in a grade one pipe band as well as in many different traditional bands and as a solo musician. In 2014 I graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a BA (Hons) in Applied Music. I have gained a wealth of teaching experience throughout years of teaching at Feisan throughout Scotland, through tutoring via the Youth Music Initiative and private lessons.  I teach Bagpipes / Chanter, Guitar and Ukelele.

Ali Turner - Guitar / Ukulele