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New Pupil and Taster Lesson Process

We have a pupil for you!

Following a new pupil registration on the website YSML will quickly contact the prospect pupil and agree a time in which an introductory session (taster session) will be suitable. 

YSML will identify a relevant and available teacher for the pupil and add a 20 minute taster lesson reservation to your diary. 

We will contact you to check you are happy with these arrangements.

Before the session

Send an email to the new pupil the day before with a friendly hello introducing yourself and zoom link.  Make sure you have phone number of the pupil to hand so that you can talk them through it if they are having difficulty.

For the teacher to do after taster lesson

Following a first meeting with your pupil, you will then email [email protected] to confirm if the account should be activated.

YSML will do after the taster lesson

The pupil will be emailed with instructions on how to book their first lessons including pricing, payment and use of the diary system.