New Summer Condensed ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Course

ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Summer Condensed Course 22nd August - 2nd September 2022

Hosted by Alex Chisolm-Loxley and Olwen MacLeod. 
This is a crash course for two weeks, one hour a day, weekdays @ 10.30am to allow you the chance to quickly get your theory exam out of the way and let you continue up the grades to Grade 6 practical!
Drop in to any day that would be useful to you for £10 a session or come for the full 10 day course for £90  


Monday 22nd August 10.30am
  • Rewriting in simple and compound time
  • Irregular time signature
  • Grouping in irregular time signature
  • Quintuplets and sextuplets.
Tuesday 23rd August 10.30am
  • The tenor clef 
  • Octave transposition between clefs.
Wednesday 24th August 10.30am
  • Transposing by a major 2nd, minor 3rd and perfect 5th,
  • Finding the new key signature
  • Transposing melodies with accidentals
  • Transposing instruments.
Thursday 25th August 10.30am
Keys and scales
  • F#/ Gb major and D# / Eb minor
  • All keys and scales for grade 5.
Friday 26th August 10.30am
Keys and scales
  • Helpful patterns
  • The circle of 5ths


Monday 29th August 10.30am
  • Intervals with or without a key signature
Tuesday 30th August 10.30am
  • Chromatic intervals
  • Compound intervals
Wednesday 31st August 10.30am
  • The supertonic chord (II) 
  • Cadences
  • Choosing suitable chords for a melody
  • Inversions
Thursday 1st September 10.30am
Terms, signs and instrument
  • New instruments at Grade 5
  • Transposing instruments
  • Voice types and their ranges
  • Written-out ornaments
  • New Italian terms and German terms
  • The piano
Friday 2nd September 10.30am
Music in context

Practise Exam Paper

On the last day of the course, a Grade 5 theory past paper will be shared by email to use as a practise run for the real exam.  The completed papers can be sent back to us and will be marked.  This will provide ideal practise in advance of the actual exam

Booking your Grade 5 ABRSM Theory Exam

You can book an ABRSM Grade 5 Theory exam online at any time and take the exam within 28 days of the booking.  Grade 5 Theory exam costs £49.  Visit the ABRSM website for more details and to book.

How to join

The courses are hosted on Google Meet and a link will be sent to all participants to join the sessions hosted by a Your Space Music Lessons online teacher.

What do I need?

For this course you will need to purchase the Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory Workbook here