Normans Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion may be removed or amended at any time during the promotional period.

2. Claimants must have purchased a qualifying musical instrument from Normans Musical Instruments.

3. Claimants must complete the online form to arrange a music lesson within 28 days of the qualifying purchase.

4. The claimant must enter the Normans order number in order that it may be verified with Normans Musical Instruments. Once verified the claimant will be contacted with a proposed date and time for the lesson.

5. Your Space Music Lessons will try to accommodate date and times requested but cannot promise that teachers will be available. One time slot will always be offered.

6. The complimentary live online music lesson will be carried out by Your Space Music Lessons with an experienced music teacher. The claimant must have a web cam and computer/tablet/laptop and a good internet speed (>2Mbps upload and download) in order to claim the lesson.

7. The claimant must be able to to use either Skype or Zoom ( to be able to claim the lesson.

8. The Skype music lesson will last no more than 30 minutes in length.

9. If the claimant fails to connect and meet with the teacher at the proposed time Your Space Music Lessons will not be able to offer an alternative session.

10. Following the lesson the claimant will be given the opportunity to take more music lessons with an introductory offer.  The claimant can register for this if they wish to do so following the complimentary lesson.

11. By redeeming this offer the claimant gives permission for Your Space Music Lessons to contact them by email in future with information and offers about their service. The claimant may opt out of receiving emails at any time by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email or by contacting [email protected].


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