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This newest addition to the Plastic Brass family, from the makers of the world-renowned pBone and pTrumpet will be a hit for novice and professional players alike! Shaped as a Traditional Shepherd's Crook style Bb Cornet this lightweight and easy to hold instrument is ideal for the beginner player of any age. It's available in a fantastic bright red finish which makes it appealing to all ages. The pCornet is joining the cornet family, making learning the cornet even more accessible! You may like to begin with the pCornet and choose to move onto the traditional brass cornet. Whatever you decide to do, this pCornet suits both beginners and professionals on it own and will make it's mark within a brass band! 
Supplied with a lightweight carry case and two plastic Denis Wick mouthpieces (2B and 4B), you have everything you need to really take off on your musical journey. Innovative Design Features A completely unique plastic valve system has been developed for the pCornet, featuring interchangeable valves which make maintaining the instrument quick and simple, even for inexperienced players. The patented lead pipe design helps to produce a mellow cornet sound while remaining incredibly robust and lightweight. The main, third and first valve slides of the pCornet are fully adjustable to aid tuning. Accessible The lightweight design helps younger players to start on the instrument without worrying about the weight and balance of a heavy brass instrument.
The ergonomic shape promotes good posture and correct hand positioning allowing hands of all shapes and sizes find a comfortable grip on the instrument. The pCornet is also very reasonably priced- perfect as starter instrument or a second practice instrument for advanced and professional players to take with them anywhere! Education Following the success of the pBone and pTrumpet as an educational instrument, the pCornet is sure to gain huge popularity in schools and workshops. Children will love the immediacy that the pCornet brings to the learning experience. pCornet comes equipped with two mouthpieces- 2B and 4B, so you can choose which one is the best fit for you.
Go Anywhere The ABS used to make the pCornet is incredibly tough. Though not completely indestructible, it’s the most robust and durable cornet ever made- it certainly won’t dent or ding due to knocks and bumps like brass. As well as benefitting beginners, this quality makes the pCornet perfect for experienced players to use as a second practice instrument to take on holiday or on tour. BioCote Technology The pCornet incorporates anti-microbial technology from BioCote, providing the highest standard of protection.
Supplied with lightweight carry case Includes 2 plastic Denis Wick mouthpieces (2B and 4B) - also works with any standard trumpet mouthpiece
Lightweight Easy to hold Pitched in Bb Unique fully plastic interchangable valve system
One-piece patented lead pipe
All plastic water key
Adjustable main, first and third tuning slides
Special right hand little finger rest
Available in Red