Peter Kalmar - Online Piano Teacher

'A Friendly, Highly Energetic Advanced Piano Teacher'

Discipline:  Piano and theory

Qualifications:  BA Music


Peter was born in Slovakia, where he has both performed and competed. He studied at the Zilina Conservatoire and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He worked with teachers as Richard McMahon, Julian Jacobson, Bernard Roberts, Martin Jones, Natalia Michailidou, Penny Roskell, John Rink and Leon McCawley. Peter began his musical education at the age of six and presented his first public performance at age 8. Peter has also enjoyed performing in Europe and the UK, including solo recitals and chamber music. He was accepted at age 13 to study at the renowned Zilina Conservatoire in Slovakia and finished his studies with a first class in his subject. Whilst studying at the Conservatoire, Peter was selected to represent the Slovak Republic in the Schubert International Duo Competition, where he won second place.

Peter also competed and was always placed in the top three in many national competitions in Eastern Europe. After his studies, Peter then went on to study at the Royal Welsh College in Cardiff towards a Masters in Music with Richard MacMahon. During his studies and working as a assistant of Head of Music he also regularly performed as a soloist in Europe and the UK and has attended masterclasses and played for top musicians and teachers. During his final year at Zilina, Peter worked with classes of younger students in the afternoons. He developed a good rapport and friendly teaching style. This positive teaching experience has proved very useful for Peter. He has worked on the CMAP – Classical Music Access Project – which brings classical music into mainstream schools and gives students the opportunity to learn about performance, careers in music and information about higher education, including available funding. As a piano pedagogue, he becomes invested and passionate about his students' future success.

With his guidance and vast years of experience, he doesn't only teach how to play and understand piano and music theory well, but also teach how to better express emotions through the instrument. Peter has been very proud of being able to successfully implement interest in music in his students' lives. He has worked, teaching essential musical skills, with numerous young children and adults. Among his accomplishments, he takes most pride in the influential role he has had as a piano teacher. It is highly rewarding to see outstanding talents of students who professionally display their skills and are highly appreciated by various audiences. Peter was also involved in many community projects and music workshop, including the Palestine Children Relief Fund in both UAE and Lebanon, and many other education projects.

He regularly travelled to Cambodia to support the Green Gecko Project were he was responsible for music education of kids who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Peter wishes to continue supporting this organization within the upcoming years. Changing children’s lives by learning music is the best way of creating a positive vibe for the family and it is the one thing that affects children for their entire lives. He currently teaches as a private tutor and piano specialist. Peter's lessons provide music education and piano lessons for enthusiastic individuals who like to get inspired and motivated. He teaches children and adults of all ages. Peter is very passionate about giving complete musical experience to students and aim to nature the musical talents.

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