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Upcoming Performance Clubs.


Thursday 7th July 2022

Beginner to intermediate Adult Performance Club - 20.00 BST


Saturday 9th July 2022

Junior Mixed Instrumental and voice Club 11.30 BST Beginner - Grade 2

Junior Mixed Instrumental and voice Club 12.30 BST - Grade 3 - 5

Advanced mixed instrumental and voice club 1.30 BST - Grades 6 +


Saturday 3rd September  - 19.00 BST

Summer Jazz Club and Workshop


Summer Condensed Grade 5 Music Theory Course

22nd August - 2nd September 2022

Hosted by Alex Chisolm-Loxley and Olwen MacLeod.

This is a crash course for two weeks, one hour a day, weekdays @ 10.30am to allow you the chance to quickly get your theory exam out of the way and let you continue up the grades to Grade 6 practical!

Drop in to any day that would be useful to you for £10 a session or come for the full 10 day course for £90

More info here


Spacey Mouse Summer School for ages 8 and under)

Join Olwen and the team for a vibrant and fun (lots of singing and clapping!) group music activity session based on the character Spacey Mouse delivered online on a live video call. Drop in on any day from 8th - 12th August 10am for a 20 min music session for age 8 and under to discover what music topic we'll be covering today!

For children who will soon be embarking on learning a musical instrument or singing lessons children from this age group will learn the basic building blocks of music rhythm, basic note recognition and unlocking their imagination through music exploration, sounds and stories.

£4 per child per session or £20 for 5 days

More info here



Max Emilianos Grade 1 Piano 

Marsaili M Grade 1 Piano (ABRSM)

Fitz Davis - Grade 5 Guitar (Trinity)

Ailsa MacKinnon - Grade 6 Piano  (Merit) Trinity
Guthrie W. Grade 1 Piano

Freddie McAusland Grade 2 Trumpet (Merit)

Mathew Lomax - Grade 6 Violin

Lucy Degg Grade 5 piano

Freddie McAusland Grade 1 Trumpet (ABRSM)

Asha E - Grade 1 Piano

Fitz Davis Grade 3 Piano (ABRSM)

Fitz Davis - Grade 3 Cello (ABRSM)

Alison McAusland Grade 7 Flute (ABRSM)

Keith Allen - Grade 3 Saxophone

Bareen M. Grade 1 Flute (practical) Distinction (ABRSM)

Rufus Jasko - Grade 8 Singing - Distinction (ABRSM)

William Tawn  Grade 5 Cornet - Merit

Catalina R. Grade 5 Singing (ABRSM)

Jon Corbett Grade 4 Piano - Distinction

Matthew Selman Grade 5 Trumpet - Merit

Maddie H. Grade 5 Saxophone (ABRSM)

Dawn B. Piano Grade 4 - Merit

Jess Harris - Grade 5 Theory Distinction

Sam B Grade 4 Piano

Bareen M Grade 1 Flute


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Lucy D

I would like to nominate Dan's piano pupil Lucy Degg to be pupil of the month for May.  Dan was kind enough to let me see a video for Lucy's exam submission. I think the work she has done for her Performance Grade 5 is exceptional. She is obviously a very talented musician, as Dan has mentioned to me before,  I saw this most clearly in her performance of starry dome that is now part of the Performance week videos,  and I would like to see her getting some encouragement through this award. - Olwen Macleod

Yes, fully support this! Her effort and attitude to piano is 2nd to none. The amount of progress she makes on a weekly basis is always very impressive! - Daniel Barker

Olwen Macleod and Daniel Barker -  Teacher Nomination

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