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Count on Me Ensemble

Many of you have been learning your parts for our fantastic Count on Me ensemble project led by Kacie Rickells.

Please let us have your recorded parts in by 31st May so we can start producing the ensemble. 

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Freddie McAusland Grade 1 Trumpet (ABRSM)

Asha E - Grade 1 Piano

Fitz Davis Grade 3 Piano (ABRSM)

Fitz Davis - Grade 3 Cello (ABRSM)

Alison McAusland Grade 7 Flute (ABRSM)

Keith Allen - Grade 3 Saxophone

Bareen M. Grade 1 Flute (practical) Distinction (ABRSM)

Rufus Jasko - Grade 8 Singing - Distinction (ABRSM)

William Tawn  Grade 5 Cornet - Merit

Catalina R. Grade 5 Singing (ABRSM)

Jon Corbett Grade 4 Piano - Distinction

Matthew Selman Grade 5 Trumpet - Merit

Maddie H. Grade 5 Saxophone (ABRSM)

Dawn B. Piano Grade 4 - Merit

Jess Harris - Grade 5 Theory Distinction

Sam B Grade 4 Piano

Bareen M Grade 1 Flute


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Annamay W.

I would like to nominate Annamay for pupil of the month. Annamay has been working hard both in lessons and outside of them in both developing her piano playing and music theory. We are getting ready to start grade 1 and nothing seems to be phasing her at the moment - she is always up for a challenge! 

Kacie Rickells -  Teacher Nomination

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