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Saturday 3rd December

Christmas Club for piano, guitar, ukulele and woodwind  11.30 GMT early grades

Christmas Club for piano, guitar, ukulele and woodwind 12.30 GMT grades 3 - 5

Singing Christmas Club at 13.30 GMT

Monday 5th December

Accordion Christmas Club 18.30 GMT

Wednesday 7th December

Brass Christmas Club 19.00 GMT

Georgie Venn Grade 3 Musical Theatre LCM - Merit

Freddie McAusland- Grade 3 Trumpet Merit

Alice Q - Grade 4 Piano

Runshi Y - Grade 1 Flute

William Tawn - Grade 4 Music Theory - Distinction

Ailean M - Piano Grade 1

Temi Kudehinbu - Piano Merit Grade 4 

Katie C Grade 2 flute - Merit

Matthew Hughes - Grade 6 Piano Merit

Anna MacDonald Grade 4 Piano Distinction (ABRSM)

Max Emilianos Grade 1 Piano 

Marsaili M Grade 1 Piano (ABRSM)

Fitz Davis - Grade 5 Guitar (Trinity)

Ailsa MacKinnon - Grade 6 Piano  (Merit) Trinity
Guthrie W. Grade 1 Piano

Freddie McAusland Grade 2 Trumpet (Merit)

Mathew Lomax - Grade 6 Violin

Lucy Degg Grade 5 piano

Freddie McAusland Grade 1 Trumpet (ABRSM)

Asha E - Grade 1 Piano

Fitz Davis Grade 3 Piano (ABRSM)

Fitz Davis - Grade 3 Cello (ABRSM)

Alison McAusland Grade 7 Flute (ABRSM)

Keith Allen - Grade 3 Saxophone

Bareen M. Grade 1 Flute (practical) Distinction (ABRSM)

Rufus Jasko - Grade 8 Singing - Distinction (ABRSM)

William Tawn  Grade 5 Cornet - Merit

Catalina R. Grade 5 Singing (ABRSM)

Jon Corbett Grade 4 Piano - Distinction

Matthew Selman Grade 5 Trumpet - Merit

Maddie H. Grade 5 Saxophone (ABRSM)

Dawn B. Piano Grade 4 - Merit

Jess Harris - Grade 5 Theory Distinction

Sam B Grade 4 Piano

Bareen M Grade 1 Flute


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Abbey Eells

'Throughout October Abbey has attended every lesson with enthusiasm and a fantastic determination to play to her best ability. She loves a challenge and rises to it every time!' 

Karen Dufour - Teacher Nomination

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