Spacey Awards

Children who are just beginning to learn their instrument will have the chance to earn certificates and badges in the Spacey Awards scheme.  
The awards, named after our resident mouse character, are designed to engage and motivate children with fun and purposeful goals before they prepare for Grade 1.
The awards are divided into 5 categories;

-Scales Award

-Composer Award

-Sight Reading Award

-First Performance Award

-Performer Award

-A final Spacey Mouse Badge for those children who can collect them all.

The scales element is a selection of different keys suited to pre-grade one standard and must be performed to the satisfaction of your teacher.  The remaining awards will be awarded by your teacher for outstanding effort in each of the categories.
To begin you will need to download the correct sheet for your instrument which you can use to tick off the elements as you go and tell your teacher you want to go for the awards.

If you wish you can post photos of yourself and your certificates to our facebook page to share your achievements.