The Story

Your space beginnings - our story so far


My name is Olwen Macleod. I've been a music teacher on the Scottish Island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides for 13 years. We have a reputation for music here, Mendelssohn wrote us a beautiful Hebridean Overture about our Fingal’s Cave, many musicians and composers live up here including in Orkney the Queen’s Master of Music, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. The Scottish Islands are beautiful and inspiring places.

Once a year our island ferry brings the Associated Board of Music to adjudicate those of our pupils taking piano exams. Spurred on by good results the same pupils appear before the examiner a year later a grade higher - and so it goes on.

I have taught many a starter pupil how to find middle C on the piano and never lost the delight in seeing their faces when they give a good performance of a well learned piece. Some have climbed to the top of the ladder and beyond, studying music at University and made music a career for themselves.

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And such it is - my music pupils grow up and leave the island - their lessons stop. However with some we have explored the possibility of continuing tuition over the internet and this is how YOUR SPACE MUSIC LESSONS has begun. I owe a debt of gratitude to the many pupils who have played guinea pig internet pupils - given constructive criticism and generally been very supportive. Thankyou!

We have had to start at Grade One ourselves learning to use leading edge equipment and special exclusive software to create a quality music studio environment, where pupils will feel comfortable to learn. The very best of technical help has come to us from all over the world.

Our most challenging focus has been on maintaining the quality of teaching and how we share our own passion of music to inspire and encourage pupils to learn and progress their piano playing. We are still learning.

We will be launching our full programme once trials are complete in Summer 2014.

Your Space Beginnings