Supporting your Pupils with Exams


  • The two main exam boards we are used to dealing with are Trinity and ABRSM We now encourage pupils or if the pupil is a child, their parents to create their own accounts and book their own exams.
  • We also have accounts with ABRSM and Trinity and if requested we can book the exam and will charge a small admin fee.  Get in touch with the office if you need support booking an exam.
  • Teachers support their pupils on the run up to exams by sometimes arranging extra lessons if needed, aural test workshops are organised by YSML as a support to exam pupils.
  • On the day of the exam YSML will email the pupil directly to wish them luck for their exam.
  • Exam results are shared with YSML office and exam successes are celebrated in the pupil newsletter.
  • Across all our teachers we experience of different exam boards including Rockschool and MTB so reach out if you need some advise or support on the YSML Teachers forum.  We have also arranged mock examinations using the other YSML teachers as 'unbiased' examiners students exam ready and we can arrange this for any students where required.