Teacher Organisation

Changing bookings

Pupils are allowed to delete or change bookings up to 48 hours of a lesson taking place. It is important that you check the diary regularly. Some teachers like their pupils to check with them first before changing a booking so please communicate this with your pupils if that is the case.  The system won't allow cancellations within 48 hours of a lesson, however if the pupil isn't going to be attending please update the reservation with 'Cancelled' as the pupil will still get a lesson reminder.

Holidays / Breaks

If you intend to take time out of your schedule please advise your students at least 2 weeks in advance and block out the relevant time in your online diary.  You must remove any relevant lesson reservations so that the lesson credits can be returned to the pupil to rebook the lesson. YSML can assist you with this if required.

Managing Annual Lesson Plan (ALP) Subscriptions

There are massive benefits to pupils setting up a regular subscription for your lessons.  It helps to gives you security over a 12 month period knowing what income you are due to be receiving.  It gives pupils and their families an easy way to manage the service with automated payments and lessons scheduled in advance. 

As each schedule is for personal one to one sessions and for pupils living all around the world, the system needs a degree of flexibility to cater for variances coupled with the fact your self employed status means you can specify your teaching / holiday time.  We manage this flexible system which works on the whole very well to cater for everybody's needs. 

Naturally there will be some variances on when lessons complete, due to teachers' and pupils' personal circumstances, however subscription payments are fixed into 12 equal monthly payments which cover the total cost of a year of lessons dependant on which subscription a pupil is on (i.e. 26, 37, 42, 48 lessons).  It is in a teacher's interest to complete those lessons within 12 months so that a new subscription can begin preventing a gap in income.

Standard 42 plans

For 42 lesson subscriptions the lessons are scheduled weekly except August and 2 weeks at Christmas leaving 4 weeks flexibility for breaks / appointments by either teacher or pupil.  

Other plans

Fortnightly 26, school term time 37 and 48 plans are available on request.

A monthly teachers' statement outlining Annual Lesson Plan pupils shows the time frame in which lessons should ideally be completed.

International pupils - differences in time zones, conflicts in school holidays and national festival holidays

Please be aware that non European countries do not change their time zone at the same time as the UK (if at all). The Your Space Music Lessons team will advise students if time zone changes may affect them and manage any future bookings.