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Teaching with Your Space Music Lessons

Quality of teaching

is at the heart of Your Space Music Lessons and we want to talk to new teachers who share our values and are interested in knowing more about us. We expect most teachers to already have private ‘face to face’ pupils and our teacher agreements respect this separate activity providing teachers are able to commit a minimum of 15 hours core time to Your Space.

New Pupils request lessons from us by the internet outreach, by our marketing efforts or by word of mouth. After establishing suitable internet connection we interview each pupil before they are allocated to a teacher (unless they already have a teacher preference). Pupils are then given a Pupil Pass to make appointments and pay for lessons. The calendar allows teachers to state when they are available. This process allows teachers to build up blocks of lessons to fill their available time, gets the lessons paid (and transferred to their bank) and minimises gaps made by cancelled lessons. Pupils receive email reminders of up-coming lessons.

Child Protection is addressed at teacher application stage and in separate pupil and parental agreements. Video copies of all lessons are archived for the protection of teacher and pupil.

Most teachers will teach from home. They need good internet connection, a piano/keyboard, computer, microphone, screen, webcams and stand. The studio needs to be a quiet place. Working hours are the teachers choice. Core hours are 7am to 10pm. We anticipate pupils from overseas, giving the opportunity to teach in different time zones. You have the choice of conducting your lesson from your home or anywhere else that has good internet connection. Both travel costs and travel time are ‘nil’. The administration support of Your Space creates more time for teaching. Music can be ordered on the web, charged to the pupil and sent out direct.

Our Research and Development is continuous and regular improvements are implemented in this fast moving area of technology. We are particularly working with high quality of sound.

Internet lessons bring so many additional advantages that enable many to have lessons who would otherwise not have done. Once pupils have fully acclimatised themselves to the Internet lesson which may take 3 to 6 weeks, we find that progress of most pupils is as good as face to face lessons.

If you would like to feed your comments back to us - they will be most welcome!

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