• How are children protected over the Internet?
    Firstly, we are not anonymous – you know where we are and we can be contacted. Secondly, our teachers are only appointed after satisfactory references have been received and satisfactory response received from ‘ an enhanced data base check’ (DBS). Each lesson is recorded and uploaded into a secure data archive- this is part of our terms and conditions. We undertake periodic training with our teachers who themselves are aware of the importance of internet safety. We believe our child safety policy is amongst the best in the music teaching world.
  • Are Internet music lessons as good as music lessons in the person?
    All of our students think so and their pace of learning is certainly as good as the few students we still teach with visits. See our testimonials
  • What am I paying for?
    Pupils pay for the private teaching and preparation time of our professional teachers and our fees reflect the quality of teaching we offer. Teachers also have the cost of maintaining their own internet technology and share in the cost of supporting ‘yourspacemusiclessons website’ which brings considerable convenience, opportunity and efficiencies to the lesson experience. We know music lessons can be an expensive part of a family budget and try to be as generous as we can with our fee structure.