Your Space Music Lessons supports Anti-Bullying week

Anti bullying weekOnly after one month since opening our cybernetic doors, Your Space Music Lessons would like to offer free lessons to school children as part of the 2014 Anti-Bullying week (17th NOV - 21st NOV).

We would like to attempt to counteract the fear of the on-line world by providing a pleasurable and safe experience using a webcam and a microphone. A pupil can be taught the piano in the comfort of their own home, opening up a world of possibilities to inspiring musicians that are unable to commute to their nearest conservatory or private tutor. The service has already attracted music lovers from the ages of 8 to 85, from all walks of life, with and without experience and from all corners of Britain.

Any child under the age of 16, under the supervision of a parent or guardian, is invited to take a free piano lesson via Skype or Google hangouts if they register for a free introductory session on our website between the 17th - 21st November.  The pupil will be contacted via Skype or Google Hangouts to arrange the set up of the equipment (webcam / computer) . Then a further free 30 minute lesson will be scheduled.  It is hoped that that the lesson will be fun and confidence boosting where the child will learn a few simple things about music and the piano.

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