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A short concert is being performed on Saturday 28th at 10.30am on To view, click onto this link around that time...

This is an exercise in bringing together on one stage performers from Athens, Perthshire, Shropshire and The Western Isles.

On the 12th March we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.  

Over the next few weeks we will be adding Calendar and Payment functionality  as well as putting up some short videos showing what we do.

Stage two of our trial programme is almost complete.  Thanks to our Guinea-Pig Pupils (what a name!!)  we have learned how to be ‘more comfortable’ in our internet meetings and how to create the best atmosphere conducive to learning. 

We will shortly be signing students to join us in stage three and the last of our pre-launch trials.

If you are interested in being a pioneer pupil on this please contact us here.

Your Space Music Lessons have been invited to trial new software which is currently being written by Source-Connect for music performers and radio broadcasters to enable studio quality sound to be transmitted over the internet ‘real time’.  

This will enhance the student experience  and bring a host of additional benefits into our classroom.   Listen to this space -  we will let you know how it sounds!!