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Inspirational Pupil Meeting in Amsterdam

Most of the time we never see our teachers and pupils face to face, because we are able to connect the very best music teachers with students looking for inspiring teachers remotely in their own homes.  So when the opportunity to meet in person does happen, it is wonderful to see that the relationship built up over many lessons is as respectful and warm in reality. 

Recently singing teacher Peter Edge was on tour with the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra in Amsterdam performing works by Brahms, and it is here he had the chance to meet with his Netherlands student Tristan.  Tristan was able to recollect the day and what it meant to him here: 

'One of the best things about learning music online is that you can have teachers from other countries! For example, I live in the Netherlands and have singing lessons with Peter Edge from London! But, last week Peter came with the Monteverdi Choir to Amsterdam to sing a Brahms concert. This was an absolutely fabulous day and so inspiring to see and hear my teacher perform music composed by Brahms. But not only the music, I got a glimpse of how the life of a professional musician is like and what they do! We made a really memorable day out of this and had a small drink before the event and also took a photo with Peter in his concert clothes after the event. I will never forget this day.'

Tristan with online singing teacher Peter Edge