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School Collaborative Projects

Thanks so much to all our wonderful pupils who joined us in the remote ensemble group for Count on Me. It was a fantastic learning focal point in classes and incredible to be able to bring it together into a complete piece. For our beginners this was a great challenge and we are so proud of the end result and your wonderful contribution. We hope you enjoy it!
With such a wealth of talent amongst the Your Space Music Lesson team, we felt this year we should produce a piece together. Silent night is a wonderful carol that translates all around the world at Christmas time with scope for broad instrumentation, such a simple tune that everyone can enjoy. We commissioned Your Space teacher Kacie Rickells to arrange the carol for all the instruments that are taught at the school and for all teachers to receive their own personalised score for the piece, to be played precisely at 90bpm. What resulted was a wonderful warm sound full of interest across all instruments. We are proud to be able to bring our teachers together in such a way to showcase their expertise and our community. We hope you enjoy listening to it!
Another fabulous festive collaboration with the Your Space Music Lesson teachers: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire