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Pupil of the Month

Pupil of the Month April 2024

Natalie Lennie

With a demanding full time role in her working life (Head of a school Maths department), Natalie continues to dedicate time to her clarinet practice and lifelong learning approach to life. Seeing her confidence in her playing and her abilities grow has been wonderful to witness as her instrumental teacher. She has taken this increased confidence by joining new community bands, continuing to contribute to her work community and supporting her own school pupils by playing in the school show bands and continuing to develop her enjoyment of music. An inspiration to us all!

Pupil of the Month at online music school Your Space Music Lessons

Your Space Music Lessons awards a monthly Pupil of the Month following nominations teachers.  This is one of the ways we can recognise pupils who have made significant progress or efforts during the previous month and share this with the school.  Nominations are considered by the senior teaching team and we announce the winner in the following month's email newsletter and on social media.  The successful pupil  and their teacher will be awarded a certificate and a £15 Amazon e-gift.

If you are awarded Pupil of the Month we would be grateful to receive a photo of you and your certificate to share.  Please email this to [email protected]

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Marsaili Grade 2




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Composing aged 5