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At Your Space Music Lessons we teach guitar from beginner to advanced level in folk, rock and pop styles in order that you or your child can become accomplished players.  Our teachers are experienced and talented individuals who, through the power of high speed broadband and Skype technology, can deliver lessons as if they were in the room. They have been DBS checked and selected based on excellent references so that we are confident of a great standard of tuition. 

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Online music lessons are growing in popularity because the equipment and technology required is now in most homes and it's such a convenient approach.  Skype technology allows you to take control with no travelling, and all booking and scheduling is done online to be simple and easy for pupils to manage.  As we handpick our tutors for their experience and excellent references, you can be sure that our music school delivers high quality lessons, that is the major principle of the school.  If you are a beginner, our teachers will guide you through the basics, together with recommended music books and steadily build on your knowledge and skills so you understand the notes on the page and interpret them into sound.  If you have taken grades or are at an advanced level, we'll aim to make you shine bringing out the best in your performance and musicality.  As our lessons are so flexible we take students who require blocks of top up lessons to give them that extra support in their studies, and also pupils 'on tour' in any location - clearly a major advantage to our school.

Once you have submitted the registration form we will arrange a suitable time for you to have your first lesson, you'll get to grips with the equipment and camera angle for Skype and start you off with a few drills to practice during the week.  It's also an opportunity to discuss the type of music you like and what you want to achieve from your lessons, whether you want to pass grades in your preferred instrument, whether you want top up lessons, or if you just have some pieces of music you aspire to play.  We'll then assign you the most appropriate teacher for your needs and you'll join our vibrant online music school.

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