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For good progression and continuity in learning your instrument we offer a 12 month payment subscriptions, to enable automatic monthly payments to be made to your teacher.  There is a 9% lesson rate discount and enables lessons to be paid for in equal monthly instalments to spread out the cost of lessons.  You will need a Paypal account for this facility.

At the outset, your agreed number of lesson reservations are released into your tutor's calendar and, subject to your teachers availability, can be adjusted to suit your own diary.

As you take out a set number of lessons over 52 weeks / 12 months please be mindful that there may need to be some breaks in the schedule to spread out lessons accordingly i.e. 42 lessons over 52 weeks need 10 weeks of breaks.  A 37 lesson schedule will usually follow your personal school term time schedule (subject to your teacher's availability), but you will need to provide details of term dates for this to be scheduled accordingly.

Please complete the form below to apply for a monthly payment scheme, selecting your preferred option.  Take the time to read the terms and conditions before you click submit.

Once received a team member will send you a link to set up your pre-approved Paypal payments and notify you to login to proceed.

Please select and agree to the terms and conditions of an Annual Lesson Subscription as laid out below:

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Annual Lesson Plan price is due in full at the outset with payments spread over 12 equal consecutive monthly instalments.
  2. Lessons from the Annual Lesson Plan are to be taken regularly at the same time each week or fortnight, punctuated by holidays (that you can specify), and must all be taken within 12 months of the first lesson.  We will always try to accommodate variations subject to your teacher's diary.
  3. Your agreed number of lessons will be added to your schedule once the first payment of the pre-approved schedule of payments has been received.
  4. Pupils must give 48 hours notice to postpone any lessons.  Lessons will be lost if cancellation is within 48 hours of the lesson start time.
  5. If an individual lesson is not possible at any time the teacher and pupil will work to find an alternative time where possible within a ten day window of the lost lesson.
  6. There is a 4 lesson cancellation policy.  The effective date of cancellation is 4 lessons from the date of notification of cancellation.  If there are less than 4 lessons remaining in the contract then you must pay to the end of the contract.
  7. On cancellation a fair adjustment will be made by the teacher and YSML to account for the number of lessons taken, which may result in pupils making a further payment or the teacher refunding any overpayments. 
  8. Your lesson bookings can be accessed viewed and edited  (giving 48 hours notice) in your Pupil Dashboard.  You may adjust your scheduled lessons to suit your own calendar / days away etc.

Find out how our monthly subscriptions work:


Online saxophone tutor, Karen Dufour from Your Space Music Lessons
Online violin teacher Jack Gillett with Your Space Music Lessons