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Alex Chisholm-Loxley - Online Piano Teacher

Alex Chisholm Loxley online piano tutor with Your Space Music Lessons

'An Inspiring Advanced Level Piano Teacher'

Discipline:  Piano, theory, musicianship

Qualifications:  BA Music

About Alex

Born in 1991, Alex Chisholm-Loxley is a piano teacher, performer and choral singer. Having graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA music degree, where he studied piano performance with Ian Buckle. Alex went on to teach piano peripatetically for a year at Westonbirt school, and is currently a piano tutor with Your Space Music Lessons. A finalist in the 2015 LUUMS Piano Competition, Alex has performed as part of the University of Leeds International Concert Series. 

Online piano teacher Alex Chisholm Loxley from Your Space Music Lessons
Alex is highly experienced in assessing the appropriate level of technique, repertoire and musicianship for every one of his students, providing them with the necessary resources to unlock their full potential – and, where appropriate, entering them for exams with the ABRSM and other exam boards.

'In every case, I aim to fit my style of pedagogy to each individual student’s need and priorities, whilst also encouraging them to try new things and exercise their creativity. If someone comes to me with a primary interest in learning classical repertoire, I will encourage them to have a go at playing pop or folk pieces at some point – or vice versa. I also ensure that all of my students gain as sound a knowledge as possible of music theory, since this is the ultimate bedrock from which understanding of multiple musical styles can grow. In addition, I always encourage my students to develop their composition and improvisational skills, even if they had not originally thought of this as something they might be capable of.'

When students wish to take grade exams, I work with them to hone all of the skills and repertoire necessary for the relevant exam board’s requirements – to date, I have entered over 100 students for ABRSM grades at all levels, none of whom have ever failed. However, I also have experience of preparing students for qualifications with other exam boards, as well as teaching students at post-Grade 8 level. Overall, I embrace a holistic and inclusive teaching philosophy which seeks to dismantle any barriers impeding my students’ access to musical and creative progress, acknowledging that the most transformative experiences in teaching can occur when focus is placed on students’ ability, rather than on the disabilities or challenges which they face.
Online Piano Teacher Alex Chisholm Loxley with Your Space Music Lessons

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Reviews of Alex

We have been extremely lucky to have had Alex as Matthew's piano teacher for the last 3+ years. Your organisation has been absolutely fantastic and been rocket fuel in the musical lives of both boys. Alex has inspired Matthew with such good humour. 

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