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A Family Connected 640 miles Apart!

Olwen in north uist landscape

My name is Olwen Macleod.  I’ve been a music teacher on the Scottish Island of North Uist in the outer Hebrides for 13 years.  We have a reputation for music here.  Mendlessohn wrote us a beautiful overture about our Fingal’s Cave, many musicians and composers live up here.   The Scottish Islands are beautiful and inspiring places.

Once a year the island ferry brings the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music to adjudicate those of our pupils taking piano exams.  Encouraged by their good results the same pupils appear before the examiner a year later and a grade higher – and so it goes on...

I have taught many a starter pupil how to find middle C on the piano  and never lost the delight in seeing their faces when they give a good performance of a well learned piece.  Some have climbed to the top of the ladder and beyond, studying music at University and making music a full time career for themselves.

And such it is – my music pupils grow up and leave the island – and the lessons stop.

Olwen, Abigail and Daniel in Meeting

It Starts with Family.....

My parents, Peter and Carole, live in Shropshire, I have a brother,  Matt, in Stevenage and sister, Abigail, in Huddersfield.  Between us we span 640 miles!  When my Mum reached 60 we found we were unable to all get together for her birthday so we had a Skype Dinner Party instead  (read more).   It was a great and hilarious occasion and after we’d all had a couple of glasses of wine (no one was driving) my brother jokingly suggested I should do my piano lessons over Skype.  THAT was the beginning of Your Space Music Lessons.

We discovered that personal tutoring over the internet was already happening in America and once we felt confident we had the right equipment we began experimental lessons with a loyal team of pilot pupils in 2013.  The business team was my dad, Peter, a retired insurance broker, church organist and community choir director, and my sister, Abigail, a marketing manager and pianist composer – all of us passionate musicians excited at the prospect of making music more accessible.

In 2014 we launched internet piano lessons and were soon teaching several children and adults in London and  on the south coast.  Our pupils are now more evenly spread over the UK plus we're growing quickly all over the world across Europe, the Middle East, America and Australia.

Our family business includes a team of carefully selected music teachers who work together to offer Friendly online music tuition across a range of instruments.

It is an immense privilege to be invited into someone’s home to teach them music and we have a deep respect for anyone who finds the courage to start to learning to play a musical instrument.  We are always thrilled when someone chooses to take lessons from us after their free taster session and we take heart at some of the generous things our pupils say about us on the review page.

So - you can come to the Hebrides for a music lesson or take a lesson from one of our select teachers in other parts of the country.   We are here to help you.

Olwen and Abigail Your Space Music Lessons