Music Clubs

Your Space Music Lessons Music Clubs provide a great opportunity for pupils to join together in a group to share and experience music in a different way. 

Our Performance Clubs are designed to give opportunities to perform a piece you have been learning in front of other pupils to gain valuable performing experiences, vital for good musicianship.  They are very friendly and supportive clubs aimed at encouraging pupils at all times. 

The Music Space is a different club designed not for performing a piece of music but for young musicians (ages 8 - 12) to join and share in a fun music learning experience with other pupils to enhance their listening and understanding of written music, signs, symbols and composers.

Your Space Music pupils and their families can join in either of these experiences.

*Times are subject to change


Tuesday 29th August 2023 6.30pm BST:  The Music Space catch up session (session 3)

Tuesday 26th September  2023 6.30pm BST:  The Music Space Club 4

Monday 30th October 2023 7pm BST: Accordion Club

Wednesday 1st November 2023 7pm: Brass Club

Wednesday 1st November 2023 at 8pm Adult Performance Club beginners / intermediate.


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