Olympics Composition Challenge

‘Your Space Music Lessons’ have launched a brand new composing challenge on the theme of ‘The Olympics’.

The new competition will see pupils writing music inspired by the Olympics which this year is being held in Paris. 

The Olympics can be a rich source of inspiration for a music composition, as they encompass various themes, emotions, and cultural elements.

Here are several ways in which the Olympics can inspire a musical piece:

  • Emotional Journey: Capture the emotional journey of athletes – the struggles, triumphs, and dedication. Use different musical motifs to represent the highs and lows of their experiences.
  • Cultural Fusion: Incorporate diverse musical elements from the countries participating in the Olympics. Blend different styles, instruments, and rhythms to create a musical representation of cultural diversity and unity.
  • Epic Fanfare: Create a powerful and majestic fanfare to mirror the grandeur and significance of the Olympic Games. This can be used for opening ceremonies or to underscore moments of victory.
  • Athletic Rhythms: Utilize rhythmic patterns inspired by various sports, such as the rhythmic sound of running, the swish of skis on snow, or the rhythmic beat of a swimming stroke. These can be woven into the composition to evoke a sense of movement and athleticism.
  • Triumph and Glory: Compose sections that convey the feeling of triumph and glory, reflecting the celebratory moments of victory on the podium. Use uplifting melodies and majestic orchestrations to heighten the sense of achievement. Human Spirit: Focus on the human spirit and determination exhibited by athletes. Create melodies that convey resilience, perseverance, and the indomitable will to overcome challenges.
  • Narrative Structure: Design the composition to follow the narrative structure of the Olympic Games – from the anticipation and preparation leading up to the event, through the various competitions, to the closing ceremony and reflection.

Pupils have until 31st March 2024 to produce their music in video recorded format (preferably mp4), supported by their Your Space Music teacher, and the pieces will again be judged by a selected panel.

Things to think about:

-What key signature do you want for your piece?

-What time signature?

-How many parts/ voices do you wish to write for? 

-Create a main theme or melody

-Can you make use of chord progression you know already (i.e. I IV V), can you find out other chord patterns you can try?

-How can you develop your main theme or melody? (different octaves, major or minor, extending the melody, using dynamics and musical signs and symbols to change the intonation).

Competition rules

To enter the competition you must compose a piece of music that relates to the theme of the Olympics and produce a video recording of it being performed.  Your entry should include a short note telling us your name, the title of the piece, the category you wish to enter and any information you wish to tell us about the piece i.e. what it is about and what to listen out for, such as the key signature and time signature you have used.  This should be uploaded in addition to your recording or included in your written score file.


There are 3 age categories:

-Junior - ages 6 - 12

-Teen - ages 13 - 17

-Adult - ages 18+

Extra marks will be given to entries with a written score as well as a recorded performance, but a written score is not essential to enter.

Each will have a corresponding prize of a £25 Amazon E-Gift & a Certificate.

All entries should be in by 31st March 2024 where they will be showcased on the Your Space Music Lessons website..

All entries will be judged by the teaching team at Your Space Music Lessons and the winner from each category will receive a £25 Amazon e-giftcard and a Certificate.


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