Music Exams

Why take Music Exams?

Learning to play an instrument well requires time and lots of dedication, and so many pupils choose to mark their progress by getting independently and officially marked against a set standard.  At Your Space Music Lessons all our teachers can prepare pupils for exam entry, and will inform pupils when they are ready.  Exam centres are located all around the UK and limited locations around the world, to make it possible for most of our pupils to have the opportunity to take an exam.  

There are various exam boards to choose from.  Click on the links below to exam exam board website for more information about what's involved, exam fees and exam dates (including entry deadlines)

Exam Boards

Your teacher will guide you on the most appropriate exam board for your needs.  Click on each exam board to look at the requirements for your instrument and grade, the venues and fees.


Trinity London -



How to prepare for an Exam

Playing your pieces and scales regularly is the key to success.  There will be trickier parts to your pieces and it is important to listen to your teacher's advice and allow yourself time to get it right.  Breaking pieces down into smaller sections, or slowing right down can help, and if playing the piano, doing sections with one hand only can be effective.

As well as pieces and scales, you will be asked to sight read some music, and complete an aural test which tests your recall of melodies and rhythms.  Your Space Music Lessons offer extra Saturday morning online workshops to help you understand the responses required and give you greater confidence when entering the exam room.  Register for a workshop place here.


What is an Exam Like?


Exam Booking Deadlines

The next ABRSM booking deadlines can be found here

ABRSM Performance Grade exams require 4 pieces to be recorded and uploaded to be assessed. Performance Grade bookings at at the beginning of each month for exam recording submissions at a selected date the following month.

For more information check the website here

Your Space Music Lesson can book exams on your behalf (8% admin charge), guided by your teacher, or you can create an account and book directly.

For further information about exams including International and theory exams please visit


Trinity exam dates vary across the country and per venue so please check here

Trinity are now offering digital graded examinations which can be booked at anytime, when the candidate is ready to take an exam. The exam requires at least 3 performance pieces and additional technical elements including scales, arpeggios and short exercises. There is no deadline but candidates must submit the relevant recording within 2 weeks after entering.  For more details about Trinity Digital grades click here

How to Book an Exam

There are two ways for you to book an exam whilst a Your Space Music Lessons pupil:

1.  Book the exam directly with the chosen exam board (making sure you are aware of the venues available and exam dates) on their online booking websites.  The advantage of booking direct is that you can make instant decisions about the venues and dates for exams.  Please note that when registering as an applicant for the first time it can take 2 - 3 days to receive your applicant number and password in order to book the exam.  Please also be aware that your teacher must confirm whether a pupil is ready to be entered for an exam.  When an exam is booked there are no refunds.

2.  Your Space Music Lessons can book the exam on your behalf for a 8% admin fee.  If you have discussed the exam with your teacher and are ready to book please complete your details here.