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Listen out for our New Year campaign on Classic FM to get more people learning a musical instrument.

When we speak to new adult pupils we always hear stories of ‘I used to play when I was younger and I’ve always wanted to get back into it’ Perhaps you feel the same but ‘getting back into it’ feels too daunting a task. Sure, it takes a bit of confidence to make the initial enquiry but most music schools will wrap you up in a big warm welcome to put you at ease.  

Courage and determination are the key ingredients to turn that dream into a reality, and once you have become competent there may well be opportunities to join groups, bands, orchestras, theatre clubs, choirs. Music is to be enjoyed and opens doors to life’s pleasures but here are 10 great reasons why you should learn an instrument:

  1. No one can take away the skill of reading music and playing an instrument. Taking things step by step you will build up a catalogue of knowledge that will help you tackle new pieces of music on your own or with your teacher. You will be surprised how quickly you will be able to play melodies and refine your technique.
  2. Play pieces of music you always wished you could play. If you have been to orchestral concerts, jazz sessions and pop concerts you know what music is in your heart, and once you have learned your instrument you can start to play it yourself too.
  3. Feel accomplished in understanding how music works. It’s like a big jigsaw piece and the pieces begin to be discovered and put in their place. Notes and rhythms mixed with the dance of phrasing will begin to connect and help you make sense of new music. You will find yourself in a whole new world of music discovery.
  4. Discover new ways to learn. Technology has made it possible to learn a musical instrument remotely so it is not always essential to find a local face to face teacher.  There are many video tutorials and personal one-to-one lessons you can arrange online so you don’t even have to leave the house to meet professional teachers.
  5. Explore composers and find the ones you like. Your teacher may bring new composers to your lessons and help you appreciate hidden gems, or you can be a composer explorer and research some of the least well known composers and bring them to life by playing their pieces.
  6. Take control of the music you play for YOU. Once you have mastered your instrument, YOU are in the driving seat to play what you want when you want.
  7. Cognitive function. Neuroscientists continue to find evidence that musical training benefits the brain to improve cognitive function. Learning an instrument is essentially a full brain work out and will help to keep your brain active whatever age.
  8. Hit the music shops. Choosing sheet music and song books is such a delight and you could spend hours poring through the titles. Try different genres like jazz or blues and give yourself challenges to learn them.
  9. Perform for friends and family. Surprise your nearest and dearest by an impromptu performance and you will no doubt be rewarded with praise and encouragement.
  10. Join a group. Now that you have learnt to read music and play your instrument why not take it to the next level and learn to play with others. There are some wonderful amateur groups and choirs out there and can help you find them. 

At Your Space Music Lessons we know the joy of music and want others to feel it too. When we began our online school in the Outer Hebrides we wanted to help others who were looking to learn an instrument but could not find a good teacher within a reasonable distance. The quality of Internet had become good enough to make high quality online lessons work, so we set out in our goal to bring teachers to those in need. 

Since then we have not only helped those in a remote location but also those with busy family and work lives, those with physical and learning disabilities and many retired people wishing to learn on their own instrument at home. The free taster lesson is helpful for those who may not be sure what to expect to give it a try. (


It's Never Too Late to Learn The Piano

Due to available spaces during the daytime we're offering 25% off the initial package of 3 x 30 minute lesson during November 2017.  Usually at £30, Your Space Music Music Lessons are offering the package at £22.50 for those who register in November and book lessons within the specified times (weekdays between 10am - 3pm)

Upon registering you will be given a free taster lesson, then if you wish to continue, you will be sent a discount code to take up the offer and book your first three lessons.

To register click here  

Professor Stephen Roberts from ABRSM visited the Hebrides to test local Your Space Music Lessons students, who have learned the piano by Skype, for their music exams.  He flew into Benbecula airport on a beautiful, bright and sunny day to see the islands at their best.


We give a warm welcome Peter New who joins the Your Space Music Lessons teaching network.  Peter teaches all things brass including trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba and tenor horn.  Peter's experience leading the Leeds Youth Jazz Orchestra and his talents in arranging music (see means he is a real asset to the team.




In the latest edition of Classical Music Magazine published by Rhinegold, Keith Clarke shares his experiences of learning the accordion with a teacher over Skype in an article titled 'Your Place Or Mine!'.  His eight month learning experience gave him chance to really evaluate lessons online and give some positive feedback:

'There was no one locally so I signed up with someone about 680 miles away!'

'A lifeline for those not within reach of a teacher.'


'Distance is no issue, pupils have signed up from Australia, the USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Oman and Iraq.'

'It's accessible, enjoyable and effective'


We thank Keith Clarke and Classical Music Magazine for giving us a whirl!

We are absolutely delighted to have Thomas Hardaker join the teaching team at Your Space Music lessons.  Thom specialises in the accordion having spent 7 years at Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory, St Petersburg, Russia, under professor Oleg Sharov.  He is very involved in teaching in schools in North Yorkshire and performs regularly around the UK.  Thom's talent extends beyond the accordion as he can also speak and teach in Russian and French.  Enquiries are already being taken for Thom's tuition.

Playing for Royalty at State Banquets may be at the pinnacle of any performer’s career, but for Neil Clark his passion for the bagpipes has taken a modern twist to inspire others to play and soak up Scottish culture.  Having played for the Queen and Princess Diana during his time in the Scots Guards, Neil now takes enormous pleasure in teaching students in live video links, where the taste of the Scottish Highlands can be experienced in homes across the world.

Neil’s vivid memories in the Scots Guards include a time they were asked to Moscow’s Red Square on the 850th Anniversary of Moscow where thousands surrounded them as they stepped off their vehicle.  Neil recalls the time ‘we marched against a mass of people in Red Square and as we played the crowds parted by the driving sound of the Scottish pipes.’

A sound like no other, and much loved by Queen Victoria, the bagpipes continue to be heard by the Queen herself each week day morning by the Piper to the Sovereign.  This daily Royal performance illustrates the historic and cultural importance of the Bagpipes in the UK and Scotland today.

Having completed his role in the Scots Guards Neil now teaches students across three continents in North America, Australia and in native Scotland from his studio in Stirlingshire connecting with them online.  His enthusiasm and attention to detail (and his role as assessor on the Piping and Drumming Qualification Board) has produced many prize-winning students.  ‘Teaching online facilitates a first-hand learning experience of Scottish Pipe Music across global boundaries to those who have a burning desire to learn’ he says.

For Your Space Music Lessons, a specialist online music school, Neil’s bagpipe tuition adds to a range of instruments to learn online, ‘Your Space Music Lessons is where great musicians can pass on their inspiring tales and skills, in personal one-to-one lessons through a screen.  The opportunity is there for everybody’ says Teaching Director Olwen Macleod.

Your Space Music Lessons, that began in the remote Scottish Western Isles,  has the primary objective to match online teachers to those who cannot access tuition in their local area.  It has now built a network of handpicked teachers who have the experience and training to communicate and deliver quality online music lessons.

Bagpipe tuition is available wherever you live from one the Worlds most talented tutors.  Arrange a taster session with Neil Clark here



Enter our fantastic competition this August to win a selection of 4 beginner piano books from the Your Space Music Lessons shop plus 3 online piano lessons with one of our team of Skype teachers.

Choose from children's books like the classic John Thompson range or Pauline Hall's Piano Time books to help your child learn how to play.  If you are a mature beginner you can also choose from more tailored books like Pam Wedgwood's It's Never Too Late and The Classic Piano Course.

The prize includes 4 beginner piano books of the winners choice to be chosen from the Your Space Music Lessons Shop here.  The winner will be contacted to arrange a suitable time to receive 3 Skype piano lessons as part of the prize.

To enter all you need to do is like, share or comment on our Facebook page here


email [email protected] stating PIANO BOOKS in the subject. Enter by midnight Saturday 13th August 2016 to qualify.

Terms and conditions:  The prize is 4 books from the Your Space Music Lessons Piano selection plus 3 Skype Piano Lessons provided by your Space Music Lessons Ltd. There is no alternative prize.  The winner will be randomly picked on Monday 15th August and notified within 2 days.  The judges decision is final.   By entering you are agreeing to Your Space Music Lessons emailing tuition offers in the future. Your email address will not be shared with any third party.