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‘Your Space Music Lessons’ have launched a brand new composing challenge on the theme of ‘SEASONS’.

The new competition will see their pupils writing music inspired by any one or all four seasons, exploring the opportunities and variations the theme will unravel in music. Your Space Music Lessons have a number of budding composers who have been taking part in regular challenges, who have received valuable feedback from a panel of musicians to help develop their musical ideas.

The theme of SEASONS opens up opportunities to explore different tones and contrasts in music. Entrants could reflect the idea in melody, chords, rhythmic or harmonic styles; or consider variations on a theme to represent ‘SEASONS’.

Pupils have until 31st March 2023 to produce their music in video recorded format (preferably mp4), supported by their Your Space Music teacher, and the pieces will again be judged by a selected panel.

Find out more here

The Music Tuition Bursary Fund is now open for applications at Your Space Music Lessons to provide help towards the cost of music lessons with our inspiring online music teaching team.

We are delighted to provide some bursary funding for music tuition at Your Space Music Lessons.  Your Space Music Lessons is a dedicated online music school which has attracted incredible teaching talent from all over the UK.  You will find teachers who are wonderful inspiring educators either music graduates or masters of music and often professional musicians in bands, orchestras and choirs.  Our teachers have been handpicked for their energetic and friendly style so that their passion for music can burst through the screen and make impactful sessions for pupils.  Our team are experts in preparing pupils for music examinations with ABRSM, London Trinity College of Music, MTB, RSL and Victoria.

There are 2 bursaries available:

-YOUTH MUSIC ACCESS BURSARY 50% bursary for young person under 16 to receive 37 x 30 minute lessons within 12 months (worth at least £342)

-ADULT MUSIC ACCESS BURSARY 50% bursary for adult 18+ to receive 37 x 30 min lessons within 12 months. (worth at least £342)

For details on eligibility and how to apply visit




Get £100 to spend at Plus 3 x 30 minute online music lessons with our fabulous team at Your Space Music Lessons!

We want to celebrate Performance Week at our online music school which brings our community together with this exciting #Giveaway.

To participate on Instagram:
1. Like the performance Week giveaway post.
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3. Comment to tell us your favourite music performer.
4. Tag a friend so they can get involved too.

To participate on Facebook
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We will announce the winner here on 30 November 2022. Stay tuned...

We are so delighted to share that Tom Smith is joining the fantastic brass department at Your Space Music Lessons.

As the Principal Cornet player with the Brighouse and Rastrick Band (British Open Champions), Tom is a top level brass player full of energy and expertise to help other musicians to reach their full potential. So proud to be bringing the very BEST Music Educators and experienced Musicians to you wherever you are.

Tom Smith Cornet


Most of the time we never see our teachers and pupils face to face, because we are able to connect the very best music teachers with students looking for inspiring teachers remotely in their own homes.  So when the opportunity to meet in person does happen, it is wonderful to see that the relationship built up over many lessons is as respectful and warm in reality.

Recently singing teacher Peter Edge was on tour with the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra in Amsterdam performing works by Brahms, and it is here he had the chance to meet with his Netherlands student Tristan.  Tristan waas able to recollect the day and what it meant to him here:

'One of the best things about learning music online is that you can have teachers from other countries! For example, I live in the Netherlands and have singing lessons with Peter Edge from London! But, last week Peter came with the Monteverdi Choir to Amsterdam to sing a Brahms concert. This was an absolutely fabulous day and so inspiring to see and hear my teacher perform music composed by Brahms. But not only the music, I got a glimpse of how the life of a professional musician is like and what they do! We made a really memorable day out of this and had a small drink before the event and also took a photo with Peter in his concert clothes after the event. I will never forget this day.'

We chatted with our fabulous online piano and violin teacher Laura Boston-Barber about her up and coming new music.  Check it out!

In our 'Teachers Who Inspire' series we caught up with online violin and viola teacher Jack Gillett about his latest performances and lifestyle:


We have been delighted to partner with new online woodwind teacher Karen Dufour, specialising in saxophone, clarinet and flute. Karen has a wealth and knowledge and expertise and we are thrilled she will be part of the team. Highlights in her career so far include performing with the orchestra of Scottish Opera, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and she will be a wonderful positive influence on aspiring musicians joining our school. 

ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Summer Condensed Course 22nd August - 2nd September 2022

Hosted by Alex Chisolm-Loxley and Olwen MacLeod. 
This is a crash course for two weeks, one hour a day, weekdays @ 10.30am to allow you the chance to quickly get your theory exam out of the way and let you continue up the grades to Grade 6 practical!
Drop in to any day that would be useful to you for £10 a session or come for the full 10 day course for £90  


Monday 22nd August 10.30am
  • Rewriting in simple and compound time
  • Irregular time signature
  • Grouping in irregular time signature
  • Quintuplets and sextuplets.
Tuesday 23rd August 10.30am
  • The tenor clef 
  • Octave transposition between clefs.
Wednesday 24th August 10.30am
  • Transposing by a major 2nd, minor 3rd and perfect 5th,
  • Finding the new key signature
  • Transposing melodies with accidentals
  • Transposing instruments.
Thursday 25th August 10.30am
Keys and scales
  • F#/ Gb major and D# / Eb minor
  • All keys and scales for grade 5.
Friday 26th August 10.30am
Keys and scales
  • Helpful patterns
  • The circle of 5ths


Monday 29th August 10.30am
  • Intervals with or without a key signature
Tuesday 30th August 10.30am
  • Chromatic intervals
  • Compound intervals
Wednesday 31st August 10.30am
  • The supertonic chord (II) 
  • Cadences
  • Choosing suitable chords for a melody
  • Inversions
Thursday 1st September 10.30am
Terms, signs and instrument
  • New instruments at Grade 5
  • Transposing instruments
  • Voice types and their ranges
  • Written-out ornaments
  • New Italian terms and German terms
  • The piano
Friday 2nd September 10.30am
Music in context

Practise Exam Paper

On the last day of the course, a Grade 5 theory past paper will be shared by email to use as a practise run for the real exam.  The completed papers can be sent back to us and will be marked.  This will provide ideal practise in advance of the actual exam

Booking your Grade 5 ABRSM Theory Exam

You can book an ABRSM Grade 5 Theory exam online at any time and take the exam within 28 days of the booking.  Grade 5 Theory exam costs £49.  Visit the ABRSM website for more details and to book.

How to join

The courses are hosted on Google Meet and a link will be sent to all participants to join the sessions hosted by a Your Space Music Lessons online teacher.

What do I need?

For this course you will need to purchase the Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory Workbook here