*Please note there will be a small 3% price increase from September 1st 2019*

How much do lessons cost?

  • Once you register we invite you to a free introductory taster session
  • Once you are happy we offer your next lessons at an introductory price:
  • £33 (3 x 30 minute lessons) or 5 x 30 minute lessons for £64.99 (adding on 2 regular price (£16) lessons)
  • After these have completed you can choose a regular lesson plan (recommended), or take ad hoc lessons:

Annual Lesson Plan

The Annual Lesson Plan (ALP) provides 42 lessons with the annual cost spread over 12 equal monthly instalments paid via Paypal.  Lessons are usually on a regular day and time but lessons can be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance.  Our 4 lesson cancellation policy means you are never trapped for the full term of an Annual Lesson Plan if things change.

Standard Plan: 42 lessons spread over 52 weeks
30 mins 40 mins 60 mins
42 x £16 42 x £22 42 x £32
£56 pm £77pm £112pm

Other options are available on request. Grade 7 / 8 increase by 30%.

Click Here to Register for Annual Lesson Plan

Ad Hoc Learning

We provide bundles of 4 lessons for more flexible learning at the following prices* paid by Paypal or credit card:

30 mins 40 mins 60 mins
4 x £17.50 4 x £23.50 4 x £35
£70 £94 £140

*Grade 7 / 8 add 30%




Getting Started

The process of registration starts with you completing a quick registration form (if the pupil is under 18 a parent or guardian must complete the form).  Please click below to begin.

Register for a Free Taster Lesson

Need an instrument?

We can recommend a fantastic rent to buy instrument scheme from £7.50 per month by Duetshop.  Click here for details.