How much do lessons cost?

  • Once you register we invite you to a free introductory taster session,
  • Once you are happy we offer your next 3 lessons at an introductory price of:
  • £30 (3 x 30 minute lessons) or you can take our August 2018 promo of 5 x 30 minute lessons for £59.99.
  • After these have completed you can choose a regular lesson plan (recommended), or take ad hoc lessons:


Annual Lesson Plan (Prices valid until 1st September 2018)

The 'Annual Lesson Plan' provides 42 lessons with the annual cost spread over 12 equal monthly instalments paid via Paypal.

20 mins 30 mins 40 mins 60 mins
42 x £10 42 x £15 42 x £20 42 x £30
£35 pm £52.50pm £70pm £105pm
Click Here to Register for Annual Lesson Plan

If you would prefer a lesson plan to follow school term time, a 37 lesson scheme option is available after clicking above to register.  Fortnightly options are also available.

Flexible Ad Hoc Learning

We provide bundles of 4 lessons for more flexible learning at the following prices* paid by Paypal or credit card:

20 mins 30 mins 40 mins 60 mins
4 x £11 4 x £16.50 4 x £22 4 x £33
£44 £66 £88 £132

*Grade 7 / 8 add 30%



Getting Started

The process of registration starts with you completing a quick registration form (if the pupil is under 18 a parent or guardian must complete the form).  Please click below to begin.

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