Ensemble Project 'Count on Me'

The Ensemble Recording is Ready

Thanks so much to all our wonderful pupils who joined us in the remote ensemble group for Count on Me. It was a fantastic learning focal point in classes and incredible to be able to bring it together into a complete piece. For our beginners this was a great challenge and we are so proud of the end result and your wonderful contribution. We hope you enjoy it!

How to get involved

You will have already expressed interest in learning a part for the project and we will be sending these out to those individuals.  If you would still like to take part we have the following parts available:  beginner cello, beginner and easy piano, beginner trombone, beginner tenor horn, intermediate flute, intermediate cornet, intermediate trombone, plus all singing parts.  Please contact [email protected] if you would like to receive one of these parts.

With your 'Count on Me' pack you will receive the written music to learn but also some audio tracks too. 

The audio tracks will be

  • a recording of how your part should sound, 
  • a metronome click track on it's own,
  • and a metronome click and piano accompaniment.

You will need to play your part at the correct tempo in order to stay in time with all the other recordings.  

IMPORTANT NOTES  You must play the click track on a different device i.e. your laptop and use headphones to listen as you play and record your part.   Stick to the metronome beat rigidly. 

You will need to video record your Count on Me part on your smartphone or video recorder and then submit the file below so it can be added to the other performances.  Only your recorded part should be heard (not the accompaniment or metronome sound)

DEADLINE.  We aim to receive all the recordings by May 31st 2022