Essential Equipment

For piano lessons you will need a piano that has recently been tuned or a digital piano or a full size keyboard with touch sensitive keys.  All other instruments should be warmed up ready for the lesson. 

For our way of teaching you will need a good broadband internet connection of  a speed more than 2 MBPS upload and download

Use the site below to test your internet speed and let us know during the taster lesson. 

Test connection

You will need a laptop or a large screen tablet that has a built in web cam.  The computer device will need to be positioned next to your instrument to enable the teacher to see your upper body and fingers on the keys.  Tablets may need a special clamp to enable positioning. 

Alternatively, you will need a computer with a separate webcam/microphone and speakers.  For a quality lesson experience we recommend purchasing a set of long lead headphones to be able to hear your teacher well.  

The optimal settings in your Zoom Client are:  settings (cog symbol) / audio  / advanced (bottom right) disable the top two options (suppress persistent and intermittent background noise.

Please avoid the use of the virtual background in music lessons as this can be distracting to teachers who may not always be able to see their pupils clearly with this setting.