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Learn the Trombone with us online!

Online music lessons are growing in popularity because the equipment and technology required is now present in most homes and it's such a convenient approach.  Video meeting technology, such as Skype or Zoom, allow you to take control, with no travelling, with all booking and scheduling done online to be simple and easy for pupils to manage.  As we handpick our tutors for their experience and excellent references, you can be sure that our music school delivers high quality lessons, that is the major principle of the school.  

We teach the trombone from beginner to advanced level via Skype or Zoom.  All Your Space Music Lessons teachers have been DBS checked and selected based on excellent references so that we are confident of a great standard of tuition.

Can I try an online trombone lesson first?

Yes!  Simply go to the registration form here and complete your details.  Once you submit we'll contact you to arrange a free 20 minute taster session.  

How do I book lessons?

If you enjoy your 20 minute skype trombone lesson introduction, then we offer all our new pupils a welcome bundle to try a further 3 lessons for £11 each.  Trying online music lessons is the first step, so give it a go, it could be the perfect way for you to learn a musical instrument.  

What are the prices?

Try online music lessons with a free no obligation taster session. If you want to continue with lessons your first 3 x 30 minute lessons are offered at an introductory price of £33. Ongoing see our range of prices here.

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