Online Singing Lessons - Meet your teacher on Skype or Zoom

'Welcome to Live Online Singing Lessons'

Train your singing voice under the direction of specialist online singing teachers Peter Edge, Sarah Rowley and Alex Chisholm-Loxley  They will give you the techniques to grow and develop as a singer whilst giving you the motivation and encouragement to sing confidently. 

The Benefits of Online Singing Lessons

Online music lessons are growing in popularity because the equipment and technology required is now in most homes and it's such a convenient approach. As the pandemic showed broadband technology allows you to easily take lessons at home with no travelling, and all booking and scheduling is done online to be simple and easy for pupils to manage.  As we handpick our tutors for their experience and excellent references, you can be sure that our music school delivers high quality lessons, that is the major principle of the school.  As with singing, it is not always easy to find good quality teachers who are classically trained, so meeting a teacher online is a fantastic opportunity to receive the best advice and techniques.

We recruit the most fantastic music teachers we can find from across the UK to ensure we give best music lessons possible; and taking lessons from Your Space Music Lessons means you don’t need to travel to find us, you receive your music lesson in ‘your space’ at your home, your place of work or at your school. Our lessons particularly suite those who live in remote places, pupils/parents who prefer not to travel out for music lessons, home tutored children, schools who are short of specialist music teachers and people of all ages and abilities who simply like our style of teaching.

All you need is good quality internet, a computer or tablet, a quiet lesson space, and of course your voice!

You see on our website how we work with children (and parents) to keep them safe online. You also see our ‘TrustPilot’ reviews and lesson costs which reflect the quality of teacher we engage to provide lessons. If you would like to take a trial taster lesson to see how it works please register here, there is no cost or obligation. (We are delighted to say that over half those who take a trial lesson with us, once they have seen us at work, book future music lessons with us.) Get in touch, we are here to help you.

Taster lessons are free and last 20 minutes, then if you wish to continue introductory packages start at £37.50 for 3 x 30 minute lessons.  Click below to leave your details and we'll be in touch.



online singing teacher Peter Edge, Zoom voice coach

Online Singing Teacher Sarah Rowley, Zoom Voice Coach.