'Three' Composition Challenge

We can now announce that the THREE Inspired compositions by Amelie Waites and Clare Kevis have won in their categories.  Congratulations!

‘Your Space Music Lessons’ have launched a brand new composing challenge on the theme of ‘THREE’.

The new competition will see their pupils writing music inspired by the ‘odd’ number, exploring the opportunities and new direction the theme will unravel in music. Your Space Music Lessons have a number of budding composers who have been taking part in regular challenges, who have received valuable feedback from a panel of musicians to help develop their musical ideas. The theme of THREE opens up the imagination on many levels to explore the building blocks of music. Entrants could reflect the idea in melody, chords, rhythmic or harmonic styles; or consider dance styles both modern and traditional or use expression or tempo to represent ‘THREE’.

Pupils have 10 weeks to produce their music in recorded format, supported by their Your Space Music teacher, and the pieces will again be judged by a selected panel.

There are 3 categories Junior, Teen and Adult, each with corresponding prize of £25 Amazon Gift, a Certificate and, if they can produce a score, their music will be professionally printed.


Competition rules

To enter the competition you must compose a piece of music that relates to the theme of Three in any way you choose.  With your piece of music you should write a short note telling us your name, the title of the piece, the category you wish to enter and any information you wish to tell us about the piece i.e. what it is about and what to listen out for, such as the key signature and time signature you have used.

Then you need to upload a recording of your piece as either a video or audio recording of the composition, together with your note.  If you would like to notate your composition and submit with your recording, please do so, but it is not essential.

There are 3 age categories

  • Junior Age 7 - 11
  • Teen 12 - 17
  • Adults

All entries should be in by 28th April 2022 where they will be showcased on the Your Space Music Lessons website..

All entries will be judged by the teaching team at Your Space Music Lessons and the winner from each category will have their piece professionally printed, receive a £25 Amazon e-giftcard and a Certificate.