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Piano Cake delivered to the offices of International Piano MagazineWe have had a brilliant few weeks as the new piano lessons service has got under way, and we're delighted and surprised at the amount of interest in online piano lessons. Perhaps lessons via Skype or other video messaging services could suit your lifestyle?

In this month we've sent out 10 piano cakes, launched Facebook and Twitter campaigns, ran a fabulous competition to win piano lessons and got many registrations to take up their free introductory session. We have also had mentions from International Piano Magazine and famous pianist James Rhodes to help us celebrate.  We're not looking back either, during November we are teaming up with Families Magazine online with a fantastic new competition and you'll soon find us in Primary Times Magazine in national locations.  Leaflets about our new service will also be distributed nationwide in the coming weeks.  Perhaps you are part of an organisation who would like to receive information about our new service, to request leaflets simply contact the marketing team

If you're interested in online piano lessons with us, just complete the free registration form and we'll be in touch to arrange your first free introduction. 

Working from North Uist

Now officially launched, Your Space Music Lessons is the new more convenient and flexible choice for music tuition.  Olwen MacLeod, 39, developed the business idea from a family birthday party which linked up her family from London, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Scotland using Skype.  This along with a piano teaching career of 20 years snowballed into a very real possibility for an island based business.

The beautiful Western Isle of North Uist has a population of 1,271 and, whilst music is knitted into the culture of the island, the prospects for physically teaching music to more than the locals were limited.  Mrs MacLeod wanted to create a window from Uist to the world 'This business gives a greater opportunity to me, and to other teachers in remote areas, and in turn we teach to those who reap the advantages of the online portal to learn.'  Working with her father, family members and other contacts she managed to secure the support and investment for the new innovative teaching business and has now launched the live service with a full booking and payment site.

Using the latest connective technology, cameras and software, Mrs Macleod is now teaching pupils all over the world from Edinburgh to Oman with other teachers now working with Olwen to supply the demand for teaching.  Quality lessons is paramount to Olwen's vision for Your Space Music Lessons, 'The equipment that all the teachers use ensures transition both ways is loud, clear, and consistent.  We also test that the internet connection is up to scratch before we allow a potential pupil to book a lesson, because I don't want to offer a poor service'. 

Teaching a piano pupil online

The online teaching platform has obvious advantages to pupils, namely the convenience of being in your own home, not having to traipse children and their siblings to teachers homes, and that lessons are recorded and archived giving peace of mind.   For Chris MacDonald who lives and works in Oman (UAE) the lessons clearly give him great pleasure, 'being taught from The Western Isles of Scotland is surreal, the sound and images are clear so there are no distractions from learning and improving.'

Olwen is optimistic for the future 'our second phase will be a roll out for other musical instruments, but for now I am hoping that people will enjoy learning the piano with us and sharing their talents through our online concerts and social media.  There are certainly exciting times ahead.'



Your Space Music Lessons are entering the final stage of pilot lessons before we become fully open for business in September.  Most of our eleven pilot pupils have been receiving internet lessons now for over six months and have helped us enormously in the development of our programme.  For the next few weeks they will be trialling the web based appointment system and payment system and we hope to report good progress well in advance of our September launch.

The most encouraging thing with our pilot lessons has been the good progress made by all of the pilot pupils in their piano skills, despite the occasional teething problems that they had to put up with.  This process has been exciting for all of us and we really feel we have something special to offer those hungry to learn to play the piano.  The accessibility straight into the home proves a big plus for parents who have previously been driving their children to and from lessons, but accessibility has also been a winner for the working people as well who find they can fit a thirty minute lesson inside their busy schedule knowing it will start and finish on time and there is no getting there and coming back.

If you want to be kept informed of our progress please register your interest on the website.  A little while longer and we will be able to offer everyone lessons.

A short concert is being performed on Saturday 28th at 10.30am on To view, click onto this link around that time...

This is an exercise in bringing together on one stage performers from Athens, Perthshire, Shropshire and The Western Isles.

On the 12th March we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.  

Over the next few weeks we will be adding Calendar and Payment functionality  as well as putting up some short videos showing what we do.

Stage two of our trial programme is almost complete.  Thanks to our Guinea-Pig Pupils (what a name!!)  we have learned how to be ‘more comfortable’ in our internet meetings and how to create the best atmosphere conducive to learning. 

We will shortly be signing students to join us in stage three and the last of our pre-launch trials.

If you are interested in being a pioneer pupil on this please contact us here.

Your Space Music Lessons have been invited to trial new software which is currently being written by Source-Connect for music performers and radio broadcasters to enable studio quality sound to be transmitted over the internet ‘real time’.  

This will enhance the student experience  and bring a host of additional benefits into our classroom.   Listen to this space -  we will let you know how it sounds!!