Environment for Online Music Lessons

Taking music lesson online is very easy.  All you need is a laptop, tablet or PC with working webcams and microphones (usually in-built)  connected to the Internet in order to take lessons. You also need to download Skype software that you will use on your computer to receive your teacher's call.   When you take your lesson you simply accept the call and the lesson takes place.  

These are a few simple environment pointers that could improve the quality of your lessons:

Quiet please!  Try to find a suitably quiet place to take your lessons so that you or your teacher can't get distracted.

Lights! Try to make sure the lighting is good enough so that the teacher can see you clearly.

Positions! Position your web cam at eye level with your face AND upper body on view so that the teacher can assess your position and fingering when playing.

No Glare!  Try not to position your computer opposite a window as this can create a glare effect for your teacher.

Attention! Prepare for your lessons and have everything you need to hand before the lesson starts.

Smile.  Relax and enjoy your lessons.